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20131015-134316.jpgAfter 4 years, 156 posts and 458 images, it’s time for me to close findyourbalance.  It’s been a huge amount of fun, preparing and tasting recipes, researching nutrition and generally having somewhere to put all my thoughts.  I’m not signing off completely though as I have a new venture coming soon –  I’m completely obsessed by photography and will primarily be ‘focused’ *ahem* on digital life.  So grab a copy of your favourite recipes, menu plans or sports nutrition advice before November 10th and I’ll see you on the other side at


I love peppermint tea.  Since I cut down on caffeine a few years ago it has become my drink of choice.  I recently planted up some mint on my balcony and have just made my own mint tea.  It was super easy and very satisfying to use my own mint…


Scott Voltage

My new Scott Voltage gleaming in the evening sunshine.  She’s poised and waiting for some dry alpine trails.  Not long to wait though as we’re off in two weeks!  I need to think of a name for her now…


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